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Effective modern methods of management and automation facilities

Since 1960 the Moscow factory of thermal automatics (MZTA) is Russian leading enterprise in the field of development and manufacture of automation means for power objects, housing and utilities services and various industries (hi-tech, chemical, food-processing industry, manufacture of building materials, etc.).

MZTA and its developments are well-known among experts of different spheres. One of the latest developments is software and hardware complex "KONTAR". During the manufacture of “KONTAR” MZTA used freely-programmable controllers for the first time.

These controllers allow coming up with flexible and effective solutions for almost all the problems of automation.

These controllers have powerful program tools for creating control, commission and dispatching algorithms. All software of "KONTAR" is distributed for free. Thousands "KONTAR" controllers have been working for more than ten years at various objects within the territory of Russia, CIS countries, the USA and other states.